VC Urges First Year Students to Stay Focused

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Francis Aduol, has urged first year students to take their studies seriously in order to earn good grades that will enable them graduate and be considered scholars.
Speaking during orientation of the students, the VC emphasised on discipline, responsibility and academic excellence saying they form the basis of a successful career.
Prof. Aduol congratulated students for being admitted to TU-K terming the occasion special and the greatest moment of one’s life.
“University is the greatest institution to be created by mankind. Not so many people have the opportunity of joining it. You should therefore feel privileged,” said he, urging students to utilise time and available resources.
The VC emphasised on passing exam. He said, “There should be no point of failing the exam because if you do, we will not hesitate to ask you, to leave the university.”
He further reiterated, “We will treat you as adults and therefore give you freedom but expect you to handle it responsibly, despite the many challenges you will face.”
He explained that TU-K is technically oriented and focuses on technology and giving practical skills.
“You will be required to go out and train with the industry for a period of three months. This will expose you to the outside world. Take advantage of that,” said he.
He asked both students and staff to play a role of embracing academic freedom of teaching, thinking innovatively, enquiring and holding discussions.
“A student will interrogate the teacher if he/she understands the subject. Read widely, do not only rely on lecturers’ notes,” he advised.
Prof. Aduol warned students against indulging in bad habits such as drug abuse, joining bad company, missing lessons, among others.
“Nairobi is a big but complicated city. Be wary of conmen in and outside the university. Don’t allow them to ruin your life,” cautioned the VC.
The VC noted that the rate of students committing suicide was rampant in the country and traumatising to the society. He advised them to seek counselling services whenever they may face challenges.
He furthered advised students to be wary of the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has since been declared a national disaster.
“We have brought you to the university to learn how to live with other people, think and use your brains well. We will be proud to see you graduate with flying colours.
The University has enrolled 1,925 students as placed by KUCCPS in various programmes.