TU-K Receives Aviation Simulator Equipment

TU-K Receives Aviation Simulator Equipment

A United States-based aviation training and solutions company has donated an Aviation Simulator and equipment to TU-K that will help engage aerospace and aviation engineering students in advanced interaction with commercial aircrafts. Speaking during the handover ceremony, Aerosim Technologies Commercial Director Simon Newcombe said that the simulator is a software technology built with the typical operation of an aircraft in mind; encompassing of 3D impressions, designed with sound, trouble shooting and diagnosis, reacting the same way an airplane would.

The simulator system is a replica of commercial aircrafts Airbus A 320 and Boeing 737 NG. It is a hands-on interphase technology effectively immersing students into the learning process.

“The programme gives aviation students an upper hand in understanding various fields of focus and gets them prepared in their career,” said Newcombe. Aerosim Technologies representatives noted that the simulator programme is cost effective giving student’s visual understanding of aircrafts. Typically, students would not easily access a commercial plane for regular classwork. “University instructors have already been trained on various components of the programme, however TU-K is expected to develop a curriculum to suit the teaching programme,” added Michael Romain, Aerosim’s Customer Support Manager.

Handing over and commissioning of the equipment is part of a Sh. 800 Million fund by Africa Development Bank (AFDB) to elevate relevance and quality of higher education in Kenya. “The university made a bid to AFDB and the commissioning is part of the benefits to ensure that students get hands-on knowledge and match market dynamics,” said Prof. Festus Ondore, who is Chairman Department of Aerospace and Aviation Engineering – TU-K.

The Aerosim Technologies team met University VC Prof. Francis Aduol where they handed over installation documentation. During the handover, Newcombe disclosed that TU-K is the first in Africa to get the Aerosim Technologies’ Aviation Simulator.