TU-K Hosts Pre-Retirement Training for 14 Staff Members

In its quest to ensure a seamless transition to retirement, the Human Resource Directorate recently held a pre-retirement workshop for employees expected to retire soon. The three day seminar saw a section of staff go through an elaborate counseling and teaching sessions on how they can manage their lives, appreciate the benefits of retirement and avoid psychological stress after retirement.
The training that was facilitated by the HRM Director, Mr. Magu Kihoro. Other facilitators were Bernard Opondo, Lucy King’ara and Sabina N’gang’a, a counselor in the student support services department. The training focused on showing participants how to live positively after leaving employment as well as how best to use their savings.
Mrs. Ng’ang’a , who was the main speaker at the training, took the participants through counseling sessions where she advised them not to look at retirement as an end to life but as a transitional process from formal employment to informal employment.
“You can continue building the nation even after retirement. Remember you are not tired, you are young at heart and therefore can still engage in meaningful activities such as starting small businesses, charity work, farming, church activities and other activities that will keep you strong and healthy ,” said Ng’ang’a.
Mr. Magu in his speech thanked the staff members for their great service and dedication to the university promising them a good transition. “We will make sure all your pension and benefits are paid in full and in good time. We will also award you with certificates and letters of commendation as well as host a farewell party for you before the end of the year,” said Magu.
The longest serving member Mr. Sebastian Njekebu who has served the institution since 1976 praised the University management and H/R department for the seminar. “In my 39 years working at TU-K, this type of training has never been availed to any group, my colleagues and I have learnt of the endless possibilities available to us after retirement and are now ready for what lies ahead”.
The members of staff lined up for retirement include: Elizabeth Maonge who joined the university in 1983, Makau Andrew (1977), Joseph Mulata (1977), Anne Karanu (1982), Ngai Francis (1980), Jane Yegon (1983), Jethro Ambale (1982), Lucy Wairimu (1986), and Robert Makau (1985) among others.