Message from the Director Students Support Services

Happy New Year 2019! Welcome back to the second semester. Every New Year we get the chance to re-evaluate ourselves in many fronts and I am sure many of you have either done so or are in the process of firming up the resolutions. Whatever your resolutions are, remember to practice them now. Do not wait for some futuristic moment to actualize them.

Once again, in this semester, you will get the chance to choose your leaders. This is an important exercise which ushers in an integral part of the University governance as enshrined in the Universities’ Amendment Act 2016. I urge all of you to interrogate the quality and intentions of all those who will vie for the various SATUK positions which will soon be declared vacant by the SATUK 2019 Electoral Board. As a University we hope that you will espouse the spirit of fair competition and free debate, and give every contestant a chance to showcase what they can do for the students and the university. Remember as a university we support Students Union and we are always happy when you elect into office a robust team of sharp, reasonable, firm, confident, independent-thinking, and solution-seeking leaders.

However, while we support students to run their own affairs, we will not condone any acts of hooliganism, violence, abuses, maligning of other people’s names and all forms of disrepute during and even after the elections. Beware of loose cannons who will spew propaganda, misinformation and lies. I urge you to take your time to verify information before you broadcast or become a conduit of unverified information. The SATUK 2019 Electoral Board through our office will be updating you on all the important timelines for this exercise. In the meantime, you are advised not to engage in any acts that may jeopardize your candidature or that of your favourite candidate. It is your responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the election of SATUK officials as clearly stipulated in Part Four of the SATUK Constitution 2018 especially Articles 13 and 14 on elections.

This semester will also be very busy with sporting and drama activities. You are encouraged to take part in these activities or turn up and support those who will be taking part. It goes a long way in giving them morale to perform even better than they have always done.

Lastly our hearts go out to all those who lost lives, the bereaved and the injured in that cowardly attack that took place at 14 Riverside Drive. Once again we are reminded that our security begins with ourselves and I encourage you to always be on the lookout for any suspicious people and report the same to the security. In the meantime should you be caught up in such a scene remember these three cardinal tips – Run, Hide or Fight back! I invite you to watch this informative clip on YouTube which can save your life and the lives of other in case of an attack:

Lastly, our office remains open for consultations and assistance. I wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2019!

Omondi Oketch, Ph.D.; MA; BE.d.