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Department of Information & Knowledge Management

Dr. Tom KwanyaThe department provides education and training through an interdisciplinary approach by integrating computer science, information technology, knowledge management, library and information studies, records management, publishing and book trade, information system and user studies. The programmes emphasize on problem solving, application, synthesis of knowledge, change management and innovation. Trainees are able to respond to the challenges of information and knowledge provision and management and contribute to improving professional ethics and standards Courses offered

  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Science
  • Diploma in Technology in Library and Information Science
  • Diploma In Technology in Archives and Records Management
  • Certificate in Library Studies
  • Certificate in Archives and Records Management

Career Prospects:

In a knowledge-based economy, the career perspectives for Information Sciences graduates are plenty. Graduates of information science will find opportunities in a wide range of industries and public institutions. They take on positions as consultants, analysts, designers, project coordinators, ICT programme managers and researchers, Information brokers, knowledge managers, inforpreneurs, librarians and records managers in academic institutions, NGO´s, International organizations and UN agencies.

You are here: Home >> Departments >> Information & Knowledge Management