Financial Engineering of the Economy

Prof Michae Kachieng'aThe national economy of any country fundamentally sits on three pillars of capital, namely: technological capital, financial capital and human capital. Potentially, all countries, developed or developing have theoretical access to all technologies, including the latest technological innovations. Technology also provides comparative leverage driven by knowledge and skills of human capital capacity in the country. As a country, Kenya has comparative regional advantage in technology and availability of skilled human capital capable of promoting competitive private sector. Kenya's private sector is the most productive and competitive in the east and central Africa region.From engineering economics point of view, the competitive convergence of technological, financial and human capitals is the cornerstone of economic growth. Kenya offers sufficient capacity in technology and human capital to leverage significant economic growth. Stimulation national economic growth through the private sector demands a stable and dynamic financial system and markets. Kenya's financial system and regulations are out of phase with global development dynamics. Says Professor Michael Ogembo Kachieng'a lecture Engineering and Finance at Technical University of Kenya and the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor in-charge of Research,Read more>>>