Amina pledges adequate funding to TUK's technical training

- By Star Newspaper

The ministry of education has committed to facilitate financing and capacity reinforcing to help place Technical University (TUK) at the centre of the President’s Big 4 Agenda. CS Amina Mohammed said, she will help by enforcing partnerships with development partners and the private sector.

She was speaking during a visit to the University on the tech challenge tour on Tuesday, which brought together many different universities across Africa “The creativity that I have witnessed during the tech challenge tour is indicative of the potential of our youth, the immense capacity of this institution and the strength of partnerships to harness Kenya’s productive capacity,” she said.

She applauded the leadership shown by the University in developing and delivering world-class technical training which is laudable and extremely important at the period in the country’s history. She said she will incentivise the private sector and especially micro, medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) to work with TUK to unlock the enormous productive potential resident in this sector. “My ministry will finance technical training to attract the best minds in the market and source partnerships to equip and develop world-class workshops. This is already underway under the Competency-Based Education and Training Curriculum and will raise the capacity, competitiveness and relevance of technical training” Amina said.

She said she will fully implement the provisions of the TVET Act, 2013. The Africa Tech challenge brings President Uhuru Kenyatta’s vision to fore. His message during the address at the 2017 Jamhuri Day Celebrations serves as our delivery benchmark for the next five years. TUK VC Prof Francis Aduol said the state of art machines at the workshop has huge capacity in supporting country’s industrial growth. He admitted that they had challenges of limited electricity supply that would support full functioning capacity of the machines that had been solved.

“Besides training students in areas of Engineering and Technology, the Advance Mechanical Workshop produces parts for companies in production and manufacture and the workshop can hold 300 students at a go,” Aduol said. The institution looks forward to partner with industry players both locally and internationally. “Maximising of these facilities will definitely see the achievement of the ‘Big four Agenda’, particularly Manufacture and Housing pillars,” the VC said.